I found a bunch of old writing the other day when I was transferring files over to my new computer and decided they needed a home…If you want to read my posts about wine, check out TheVinguard.com. I started writing when I was a kid, stopped for a long time, started back up again around 25 years ago and since then have gone through fits and spurts. There was a time, from 1998 – 2003, when I was really into writing dialog and penned a few screenplays, one which even won a contest. Now, I’m more into essays. This could change.

If you have a problem with sex, drugs, rock and roll, four-letter words, left-wing politics, cats, neurotic Jews or a New York I could give two fucks attitude, there will be no apologies coming, you should read something else. – PSB, Pamela or Louie….never Pam