Socialism is Not a Dirty Word

The past 48-hour news cycle has been rich. Let’s just gloss over Bernie…we all know that there is a range of opinions, but one thing that is significant is that he’s already raised six million dollars in small donations. Opinions aside, his presence in the Democratic party is sure to shake things up, in ways we may not realize. Is this good? People said they liked Trump because he shook up the GOP. That would be a false equivalency unless Bernie wins and gets so drunk with power that he subverts the law and will of the people. As Kirk Salanga pointed out, Bernie doesn’t want to get rid of the unconstitutional 60 votes to kill the filibuster. Is this an indication of how he would govern as president?

Junior gave a speech at the epicenter of our non-national emergency and said, “You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.” This is a fascist tactic. At this point, many of us are beyond being shocked by their rhetoric. However, the word socialist is being thrown around more often by the right now as a way to scare the electorate. What if the Democrats got out in front of it, for once, and every time the right said the S word, railed on crony capitalism, how it has produced immense income inequality and decimated the working and middle classes? 

Whether the Democrats want to admit it, we do have class warfare in this country that is tied into race and gender. Which leads me back to Bernie. Maybe this is why so many people are enthusiastic about his candidacy? Several socialist ideas are supported by a majority of the electorate – medicare for all aka socialized medicine, free public college tuition…The GOP is out of step with most of the country, but they are really good at framing/manipulating the issues in a way that gets people to vote against their interest. Whomever the Democrats nominate to run against Trump needs to be someone who can effectively counter their propaganda.