With Cami at Sundance, Park City.



Cami and Stanley Mouse at The Haight Street Art Center.


WINeFare 2020 steering committee, from left, Ailis, Haley, and Sherry.
Patti Smith, March 9, 2020, at The Filmore. The last hoorah before lockdown.


The first Covid Zoom bday for my sister, Jenn.


Golden Gate Park during the first lockdown.




BLM protest and rally.

Our relentlessly gay pride. Michael, Ramon, and Scott top. 


Nancy at Blackbird. The first bar visit after the lockdown was lifted over the summer.
July 4th weekend in St. Helena with Vignon.
And then we went for a bike ride and I broke two ribs.


The stowaway.
My nephew, Luc.


Sister, Jolie. 

A very quiet Washington Square Park in August.
Mira, NYC in August.
#resist NYC
Jenn and Batman in Times Square.


And then there was the day when San Francisco had an orange glow.
Dolores Park during the apocalypse.
Castro Street, 10 am.


And then a hummingbird came to visit.
And spent the night.
Renee (friend and exhibit curator) and Cami at the Silence of the Good opening at Haight Street Art Center.
With Leslie at Golden Gate Park. October. Our tribute day to Marguerite.


And then this happened.



And all of SF started partying at 9 am.  With Matt in SF, 10:30 am, two bottles in. 
Kite Hill with Vignon

A last-minute visit from Luc.
Three surgical procedures, one foot. Next up for 2021, the right one. 
Isn’t she lovely?
My COVID bday celebration



Have a seat at the table.
Went for a drive down the coast with Doyle.

And made a friend.
Vegan Latkes

Cami, Mini, J


New threads from my sister’s company, Pipenn Threads…check it out…T-shirt and bag.
Seamus self-trolling

Happy New Year.

Wishing everyone a much better and healthier 2021.


In memory of Marguerite Lutton…and George.

Never forget your loved ones.

George and Marg (Spanky)

Peace to all.