2019 didn’t start off that great…more aptly, 2018 ended badly. I often suffer from seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as the winter blues, and December 2018 was a month I was happy to put behind me. No year is all good or all bad, but when I think back on the last 12 months, there was a lot of joy, new beginnings, reconciliations, great times with friends, old and new, and growth. It was complicated but mostly, great.  I will think of 2019 with lots of smiles. Happy New Year to everyone…


Seamus and Cami. January.
With Ed, our annual beach selfie. Ocean Beach. January.
Cousin Robin and Cami in Central Park. March.
Vignon, Dillon Beach. April. 
Beth dressed as a Games of Thrones character that doesn’t exist…it was all Cami’s idea for Vignon’s bday. Dillon Beach.
We moved in June and while all of us are in love with our new home, no one is happier than Seamus who now gets to walk the beams, and go outside.
Pride, with Jenny and Sara. Dolores Park.

The night of the blackout in NY. Luc and I were downtown, which was not affected. We spent hours walking around the village. Washington Square Park was packed, kids were jumping into the fountain…NYers know how to pull together.
Julian feeling the vibes from what was the Woodstock stage. Bethel, NY.
Making the pilgrimage to Woodstock. Bethel, NY.
Me and the stinker. Photo credit, Charlotte Fiorito. 
Jolie and I took Ryan to school in August. Tulane campus. New Orleans.
Fashion icon, Ryan Schifino. New Orleans.
My oldest and one of the most dearest friends, Vanessa. NY.
Mom and Jolie. NY.
Cousin Allan, Cami, Me. Album cover, 2019 Greatest hits.
Chatting with Daddy. NY.
Jolie and her loving nephew.

London with Cath and Alex. 
I think that what people have inside comes out more as they age. This photo of Cath says it all.

Brighton with Shana and Jane.


Cami, Rachel, and Linda. London.
One of the best parts of our UK trip was unexpectedly seeing Henry.
Gabriel at Remedy Wine Bar, which is coincidentally,  just a few blocks from where I met his parents at UCL 32 years ago.
Our daily selfie.
My Hanukah party. Becky, Matt, and Nancy, the human menorah.
True love.