2016, not a great year. Beyond the devastating election, it sucked in a number of ways but as these photos show, there is still joy to be found even in the midst of sorrow and loss. 

Henry came for a quick visit. It’s a delight to have an adult friendship with someone I knew as a child. 
Paul and Ryan. Los Angeles.
With Luc. Los Angeles.


The blue-eyed side of Tessie. Los Angeles.
We were driving up north, somewhere in Marin, when all of a sudden this amazing cloud formation appeared.
An afternoon at Arlequin with Tony Poer. San Francisco.
Ferry hair.

These pix were taken on ferry from Connecticut to Long Island. We were at my aunt’s funeral earlier in the day. She died unexpectedly, leaving us sad and still shocked. I don’t know what made us laugh but, no doubt, it was much needed.


Leslie and Cami, NYC.
Mom and Jolie, Sag Harbor.
More Hardly Strictly. Golden Gate Park. 
Sergio Romo warming up at the last playoff game the Giants would be in this decade…that tells you who won. Not us, but the seats were awesome.

After the hellacious year, I just wanted on my actual birthday to be surrounded by those who I really loved. With a few exceptions, most of them are in this photo.
Thanksgiving. We were supposed to go to St. Helena but the election and death of a friend left us feeling very depressed…so we stayed in town and had a mellow time with Seamus. 
Figuring out a way to take down the Christmas plant with one good shake.