Our little savage.
At Vignon’s 40th. Such a fun day. I was the chef and throughout the morning and afternoon, as I was prepping, people kept coming in and helping out…we drank, listened to music, danced…and I even managed to put food on the table before midnight.
Cecile, Vignon’s lovely mother. Somewhere there’s a video with all the Frenchies dancing.
Cami and Terrance during a reception at McEvoy Ranch.
Taken at a rally in Castro, probably for marriage equality. A classic. I continued to see this cop around for a few years afterward.
My mom sent us this bumblebee plant…Seamus quickly made it his.
With Beth and Vignon.
Spencer in SF.
The problem was not his inability to read in as much as it was his lack of thumbs.
Spencer’s entire grade went as bluebells for Halloween.
I’ve just always loved this pic of Ryan…my little dude.
Jolie and Tessie.