With Leslie DiMario at Seamus’ bday party, when he turned four.
Strolling around the Castro with Rhett.
I was invited on a wine trip to Portugal in May and my mom met me in Lisbon for a few days before it began. So long as we don’t talk politics and start drinking at 5, we can travel together.
When I finally made it out of Portugal, I spent a couple of days in NY before heading back to SF. This was taken at Cafe Loup in NY. With Dad and Jenn.
I think I took this picture of Cami in the alley near Cafe Bastille or Cafe Claude.
I’ll never forget when we emerged from Castro station to find this amazing rainbow coming off the Casto theater. It was actually a double rainbow at one point but you can’t see that here. Hundreds of people stopped and stared. It was so perfect.
Ryan, Luc and Spencer.
Jolie’s 50th in LA with Mom.
Spencer and Luc, thinking.
Jenn and Cami at a Greek restaurant in NY.